University Flake Peterson

2 نظر

  1. A well known presentation of a style of tobacco allowing the experienced smoker to rub out the flake to the texture preferred. The blend, based on Virginia grades is mixed with Mahogany, brown and orange Virginia and sun cured leaf from India and is slowly pressed for days into cakes of tobacco and then sliced into flake pieces. This style of tobacco is ideal for its slow even burning rate, suitable not only for restful contemplation but can be smoked out of doors and in any type of weather


  2. سازنده: اسکاندیناوین
    ترکیبات: ویرجینیا / برلی
    ترکیب اسانس: آلو
    کات: فلیک
    سنگینی: 3 از 5



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