Cafe Artin

Welcome to Artin, the biggest smoke shop in Iran . . .

Café Artin founded by Mr. Artin Abrahamian on March of 2006 in Tehran, Iran. We sale all Italian and European perfect brand pipes exclusively, also cigars and Zippo lighters. We have the biggest European brand collection in pipes, tobacco  and equipment like pipe cleaner, activated charcoal filter, filter crystal, cleaning liquid and others. Over 50 types of brand tobacco prodcers are collected and distribute in Cafe Artin. All the time we think about the best and we try to do best, over houndereds of articles published in Cafe Artin website for basic and professional pipe and cigar smokers and lovers.

This is the first Iranian pipe wiki and Iranain reference about special pipe smoking, accressories, tobaccos and related topics published generally by Artin and who to add this professional wiki.

Also Cafe Artin have designe products in best quality like 9mm balsa filter, liquied pipe cleaners, pipe stands and leather pipe bags with the best quality.

Our tobacco collection is one of biggest collection in Iran and you can choose

repair 1different types and models. First Iranian branding tobacco company and first Iranian professional pipe club with over hundred of thousands members.

Publishing over 100 topics about professional pipes, tobacco, pipe accessories in Persian and many of them in English.

Packaging pipe tobacco:

Cafe Artin estabilish pipe tobacco and RYO tobacco packaging and branding department. Now we are the first packaging company by our sister company in Iran. We have license to packaing under license of brand pipes in 50g and 100 tins.


Coffee feild:

Cafe Artin distribute his own roasted coffee specially in all branches.

We are the biggest Iranian roasting and branding company. We have good experience to produce the best coffee taste. We are roasting specially for Iranian big brands.

Central Branch:

No.184 Shareatee Ave Tehran / Iran

Tel: (021) 77 67 14 90 – 1     email:

Mirdamad Branch:

No. TS12, Rose Mirdamad shopping center, Mirdamad Ave  Tehran / Iran

Tel: (021) 26 40 33 83

Vali Asr Branch:

No.13 Arjang Ave, Vali Asr Sq.  Tehran / Iran

Shahre Koodak Shaparak Branch  (exclusive coffee center)

First floor, Shahre Koodsk Shaparak Bulding, Resalat high way   Tehran / Iran

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